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Find out what the Legislature passed in April 2009 is and how it affects you as an unlicensed health care practitioner.

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This site is dedicated to support the complementary alternative medicine community in understanding and implementing the New Mexico "Unlicensed Health Care Practice Act", HB 664.

We are a group of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative health care (CAM) practitioners, educators, administrators and general public who have worked to get this bill passed in New Mexico. We are not attorneys or experts, the information on this site should not be taken as legal advice. You should consult with an attorney or other expert as to how this statute pertains to you and your practice. With that being said, we hope to provide some useful information for CAM practitioners in the State of NM.

The New Mexico "Unlicensed Health Care Practice Act" is designed to:

People’s access to and the practitioner’s right to practice traditional, cultural, complementary and alternative health care therapies were not protected by law. The "Unlicensed Health Care Practice Act" statute is constructed in a way which allows traditional and alternative unlicensed practitioners in New Mexico to legally practice their healing traditions, as long as they stay within certain guidelines.

You can find out what your rights and responsibilities are as an unlicensed health care practitioner by reading the New Mexico "Unlicensed Health Care Practice Act" with explanatory commentary by NMCAAMP. Useful resources for the practitioner have also been assembled under Practitioner Support, such as checklists to create required documentation and sample forms for you to modify to meet your individual needs.